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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Creating Your Own Tablecloth

This is an Old Posting with New Information

"Recycled" Tablecloth

Today I am working on my display booth for our business by making a tablecloth. My inspiration is from this site: .  I had bought some old fashioned calico cotton fabric and I found some white linen cafe curtains at a flea market. I am taking advantage of the finished hem on the cafe curtains & cutting them down to use as a ruffled edge to my calico tablecloth. I am using the whole width of my calico fabric so I have selvedges and don't have to worry about the fabric unraveling there. 

Tablecloth in Progress -- adding the white ruffles

Picture of Finished Tablecloth -- Using Four Aces Banner

I also have a big  length of black felt fabric -- I am going to try different ways to get the word AVON on it.  Just cutting out some big letters out of construction paper or the rubberized paper is not going to do it, I don't think.  I don't think that it will adhere well to the felt.  I think what I will do is use some type of pink fabric and then use the iron on material and see if I can get the Avon lettering to adhere.  If it doesn't I might contact the local lady who does embroidery using her machine and see if she can letter Avon onto the felt & what she would charge me.

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