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Friday, February 27, 2015

Our Online Business is Open !

We've opened a shop on Etsy - Four Aces Mercantile !  We plan on uploading a new listing every day or every other day.  In the meantime, I have finished the shirt that I made out of the chiffon embroidered curtains.  I need to iron it, then I will post a picture.  It turned out very pretty but very sheer -- glad I am making a pretty camisole to go underneath it !

The shirt I made from a sheer embroidered curtain. It is displayed on my blue/black dress form. 

The old thread (beautiful thread on wooden spools) CANNOT be used for sewing.  I found some in a sewing box that a friend gave to me.  I googled the thread and it dated back to 1940s high quality thread, but when I tried the tug test (putting some pressure on it with my hands), it snapped ASAP.  Oh well, maybe someone can recommend a display or something where I can use this vintage thread.

Etsy Shop is NOW CLOSED.  Etsy has changed their business model & banning the Confederate battle flag.  As our business revolves around Civil War re-enactors, our choice is not to be on Etsy then.

Monday, February 16, 2015

New Machine

OK I took the other Brother sewing machine back to Wally World to play with its siblings. I replaced it with Mama Brother which is a limited Edition Project Runway 100 stitch machine.

I finished the tablecloth. LOL it is big enough to cover 2 5 foot tables.

Now I am working on my shirt & a pink camisole top using a Butterick's pattern designed by Gertie.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New Sewing Machine

Well I became a new owner of a Brother sewing machine. I got it home & guess what?  I can't get it in reverse !

Friday, February 6, 2015


Right now my sewing is on hold till I can figure out why my bottom thread on my Singer sewing machine is so loopy. My tablecloth was looking good with the white curtains recycled as ruffles and sewn to the dusty rose calico fabric.

Tablecloth w/ "recycled" cloth ruffles

"Loopy" bottom tension

Silly me - I didn't write down the tension settings I had set for the cotton fabrics I was using for the tablecloth. I changed the settings as I was wanting to try sewing the tissue faille curtains (which I am recycling into a Victorian era shirt ).  I changed out to fine thread, wound a new bobbin with the fine thread, and put a new needle for fine fabrics onto my Singer. The sewing on that project was going fine till I discovered I sewed the back on inside out - AFTER I had sewn a double shoulder and side seams. I can't rip it out because of the flimsiness of the fabric & I don't have any more fabric as I obtained the fabric from a Church flea market (recycled curtains remember?).

Sigh so I reset everything back (remembering first to write down the settings for the fine fabric & replace the needle) and tried working on my tablecloth again -- that's when I began having thread tension issues.

And my friend laughs at me when I tell her I'd rather hand sew???? LOL, my friend is coming over tomorrow to rescue my sewing machine.