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Working Your Avon Business on a Budget

Handling Your Beautiful Business (Avon) on a Budget

1.  Sending out campaign brochures -  sometimes people just want a physical brochure to look at but they don't live close enough to you for it to be feasible to drive and give them a copy.  You could go mail a brochure yourself; I just did that and it cost me a total of $2.35 OR you could hire one of these two mailer outfits and let them handle the hassle and save yourself some time and money:

2. Shopping Bags --

When you deliver your clients' orders, they should be bagged.  Avon's bags are pretty inexpensive.  The below image shows the item numbers for you to order the shopping bags.  The image also shows visually the different sizes of the bags.  You should consider purchasing the Large Popcorn Bags in the beginning -- they are 6 1/2"W x 4"D x 13"H. 907-119 Pk. 50/$1.25

3.  Dressing in a nice outfit for when you go to do "Avon" business.  Although going to Town & Country and buying out their store is one way to get started with Avon branded clothing and other items, it is NOT the only way you can get started.  One way is by going to thrift stores.  I bought the below bag at a THRIFT STORE for $6 -- which I use for carrying my old brochures, my bank bag, my order book, my Avon binder, a pink notebook.  Not only did I get a deal, I supported my local Hospice group:

Sure looks like an Avon Type bag
My Avon Bag

4.  You can also buy pink shirts at thrift stores and either buy iron on letters at places like Hobby Lobby or Michael's and make your own "Avon" shirt.  OR you can make your own outfits be "Avon" outfits by purchasing and wearing some Avon buttons. Check out my pinterest page for some items I think that can work for us Southern Avon Sales Representatives --

5. You can always make the outfit that you have on an "Avon" outfit by simply adding a pin to the outfit like the pin below.  This company sells all kinds of Avon pins -- many of which are only $1.

Molly Bibb Approved
Button from
6.  Training -- Avon offers some of the best FREE training in the world.  And right now the emphasis is on Anew Skin Care.  The basic class that leads to a title of Anew Skin Care Specialist is FREE.  That's right -- go to your Avon University page and look for it.  After completing that class, please sign up for the Facebook group and see how Avon can help your business grow.  Avon skin care customers are the most loyal.  And during the class you can see how you can help them with great products and they can help you with your bottom line.

unlike my picture
Avon Pin you get for completing the FREE online ANEW skin care class

7. Samples -- When you get your kit to begin selling Avon (whether you get the $15 kit or $100 kit) you will get samples of Avon products to share with potential new clients.  If you give one or several to a new client, get the client's name and keep track of what you've given them.  Once you have more than a couple of clients it becomes more difficult to keep track of who has got what.  For a new client, you might also want to make sure they open the sample in front of you so you are sure they are actually "sampling" it.  You can purchase samples when you place your Avon order, but Avon does not offer samples of every product they have.  So perhaps you might have to make your own samples.  But you don't have to have samples in order to sell Avon.

8. Carry a bargain basket when you are visiting your clients and if they order from you, give them a chance to buy from your bargain basket.

Bargain baskets could hold items returned or other items you've accumulated

9. Sign up to accept credit cards.  Avon has a credit card program, but you have to follow their rules so you don't get any chargebacks.  Order the free credit card forms from Avon and follow the printed instructions.  Square has a program where if you activate through this link, you can get free processing for up to 180 days for up to $1000 in sales.  Square currently charges the following fees -- 2.75% for every swiped transaction; 3.5% + $.15 for every manually entered transaction.

From Square and get Free Processing too
Click here to get Free Processing for a limited Time
10.  Signing up people to sell Avon below you -- your downline.  I have posted before about how Avon has Two Ways to Earn; Two Ways to Sell.  Well signing up people underneath you is one of the two ways to earn -- the people that you sign up may not stay, but you shouldn't let that discourage you.  This article talks about the different kind of people that you might run in to when you are recruiting. 

11. Here is a web page from Lipstick Chicks that lists several videos and/or tips that will help you, the new Avon representative, establish and build your business.

12.  Helpful Avon Phone Numbers

  • Avon Customer Service: 513 551-2866 
  • Spanish Customer Service: 513-551-4000
  • Leadership: 800 323-0651
  • Beauty Advisor: 888 340-2866
  • Fundraising: 800 288-3787
  • Product Info: 800 445-2866
  • QuikPay Issues: 877 784-5729 
  • eRep Customer Service for Direct Delivery 800 500-2866

Okay that's all I have at the moment.  I hope these tips helped you!

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