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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Good Morning !

I am having another short sleep night. I keep having these it seems lately. I can't do too much otherwise I will wake Bill.

The nice thing lately is learning about jewelry making especially that which relates to my native American heritage. I also am enjoying learning how to sew - I find I have more patience with it rather than when I first tried to learn it 30 years or so ago.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Craft Sale -- Poof

Well the kids had fun at the Easter Egg hunt at Mtn. Lakes -- sounded like a herd of buffalo running after some prime grass.  We had a few sales, lots of compliments, but really not a lot of people looking.  It was colder than predicted.

The next day we went to the cowboy shoot at North Alabama Regulators.  There was a cute little boy who wanted to buy something for his mother, but he had to save his $5 for his "rig".

And I thought creating this stuff was hard ... selling it is even harder !  I think I will stick with the creation and tag team my husband in for the selling !

Well I also have signed up to sell Avon.  I know they also sell jewelry, but the items I have bought in the past have been of good quality.  I think that should be a good combination with my handmade items.  Our website there is named gato