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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cowboy Skin Care

LOL when I was growing up this topic was never, ever addressed.  I remember going to the pool all the time.  When Mom worked and I was at home or as soon as i got home from school, I called the time & temperature number.  As soon as the temperature hit a minimum of 70 degrees, I was out the door and down to the pool.  It didn't matter if the next minute it was 69 degrees.

My Sign on my Car

I don't ever remember having to put on sunscreen.  Now where I was living at this time was in Arizona.  The valley of the sun to be exact.  And no sunscreen!  This was the early 1970s.  I don't remember anyone putting on sunscreen.  I do remember some ladies by the pool putting on baby oil.  I remember seeing the tan line marks on my Mother.  But I do not ever remember anything being put on me.

During this same time, the early 1970s, I also was outside a lot riding horses or preparing for rodeos.  When we moved from Arizona to Missouri in 1973, the emphasis was on getting a tan in the summertime.  In fact, many ladies felt that tans in the summertime on the face helped to clear up cases of severe acne. 

Smokey and I Mtn. Grove, MO late 1970s

I was lucky that my Mother felt differently and actually took me to a doctor about my acne issues when I hit puberty and that I was placed on antibiotics and different topical solutions to address my acne problems.  I still had issues, but less issues than many of my relatives in my Mother's family of her generation.  Thanks Mom.

My Mother's skin was darker than mine, she was olive toned; I am very pale and take after my Irish ancestors with reddish hair and light skin.  Her darker tone helped to cover her many acne scars and she used pancake makeup to cover the rest.  My Mom looked younger than she was, I have also been blessed with that.  But the older my Mom got, the more she lost her battle to time with deep lines around her mouth from smoking.  The repetitive nature of the skin movements required to hold a cigarette, plus the impurities of the smoke itself led to the breakdown of the collagen & elasticity in her dermis and ulitimately in her epidermis.  These lines around her lips could not even be fixed by a plastic surgeon (she asked).   I wish she had lived to see the Anew line of skin care from Avon and also Avon's line of makeup. I think she would have liked what options there are for her skin. And I wish she had been able to stop smoking.  Her skin AND her health would've both benefited from not putting impurities into and onto her body.

My Senior Picture with a saddle I had won -- early 1980s

Over 20 years ago I went to a dermatologist to have some birth marks looked at.  At that time, I found out that these simple birth marks were actually pre-cancerous moles.  So at that time I stopped laying out and deliberately trying to get a sun tan.  Since then, I have used sun screen on my face.  I do not smoke and have never smoked.  I am lucky, as I said earlier, to have my Mom's genes.  Many people think that I am in my 30s to early 40s when I actually have just turned 50.  I am just starting to use an eye cream but it is from another skin care line and doesn't seem to be addressing the issues that I see which are bags under my eyes. 

February 2015 at a SASS Shooting -- my alias is Gato del Mal (Bad Kitty)

I am also excited to be an Avon Independent Sales Representative at this time and to try the new products being developed by the Avon Skin Care Institute.  Currently I am using the skinvincible line -- the day lotion is very light (I have oily skin) and gives me spf 50 sun protection.  I am slowly adding in the night cream to make sure it doesn't cause me any breakouts (which I still have even at my age).  I am also using the Clinical Acne Mark treatment to address the scars along my jawline that I have from old acne -- those scars are feeling softer and more supple after only a month.  When I want to use a foundation, I use the CC cream from Avon without the skinvincible day lotion as it has a lotion and spf cream in it already.  I also find the foundation as light and non greasy.  I had previously used a mineral (powder) foundation but I have found that it was setting into the few lines
I do have on my face and making my skin look older than my skin normally looks.  Now I am starting to have a dewy skin look that is the "current" look.

Are you a lady or a gentleman who is only now thinking of skin care for your face?  Or have you been looking for someone to help you navigate the maze that is skin care?  Perhaps you've tried a different line of skin care and someone has told you that Avon sells more than makeup?

Overnight Hydration Mask from Avon -- just one of our great products !

Contact me & I can help you!  If you are in Northern Alabama I can come out for a FREE skin care consultation and with a FREE consult you can get a discount on your skin care purchase.  And if you are further away from me, remember we live in the age of technology and we can use email, Facebook, Skype to do a skin care consult.  ANEW Avon products have the backing of the Avon Skin Care Institute.  Contact me today!

Cindy Peterson
Anew Skin Care Expert



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