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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Camisole / Panty - Reusing Fabric

I ran across Gertie's Blog for Better Sewing and I fell in love with her vintage camisole and panty pattern (Butterick 6031). So I went on Etsy and found a copy of this pattern from crystalslaceandmore.

When I got the pattern (along with some other pretty things - thanks Crystal) I attempted to source the required items locally. Walmart & Hobby Lobby let me down & I knew Michaels didnt have much in the way of sewing. I couldn't find some of the specific items I needed at Hancock or Wilson fabrics and/or didn't want to pay the high price at these places.

So for fabric I ended up using the pink lining from a silk short skirt purchased at a thrift store. The lining was double stretch material. However since the skirt was sized small, there wasn't enough pink material for everything. So I found an old white very soft stretchy T-shirt of mine. I cut this t-shirt up & used it for the upper part of the camisole. I found an old pink soft t-shirt (very close in color to the pink fabric used in the camisole body) and used that fabric to make the panty.

The stretch lace I found on frogfeathers (also on Etsy). And I purchased the 1/2" lingerie sliders from Artecrafts. A lot of places had the 3/8" sliders but since I already had the 1/2" stretch lace for the straps, I knew I needed the larger size. After constructing the camisole though (I did use Gertie's sewalong for both the camisole and the pantry), I think the sliders need to be even bigger than 1/2" - the 1/2" stretch lace seems too big for the 1/2" sliders.

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