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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bib Apron is done!

I will have to have Bill take a picture of me in the but the bib apron is done. Well mostly done - since I used some of my fabric stash for the bottom, my cat fabric, I thought I would use one of the cat appliqu├ęs I found in my Mom's old sewing box. I want to put that on one side of the front of the apron. And on the other side I want to embroider some paw prints but I have to figure that out !!

My Bib Apron - made from my old bib overalls!

Apron bottom showing cat fabric

Behind the neck part of the bib overall

Speaking of my Mom's old sewing box, I saw on The Sewing Academy's blog for March 01, 2015 a discussion about what a historical person would have in their portable sewing kit. Here's a few pictures of her kit (which I dive into when I need something more than what I have in my own).

Mom's Sewing Basket

Inside Mom's Sewing Basket

I found this inside my Mom's sewing basket !

My Portable Sewing Box

Items inside

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