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Friday, February 27, 2015

Our Online Business is Open !

We've opened a shop on Etsy - Four Aces Mercantile !  We plan on uploading a new listing every day or every other day.  In the meantime, I have finished the shirt that I made out of the chiffon embroidered curtains.  I need to iron it, then I will post a picture.  It turned out very pretty but very sheer -- glad I am making a pretty camisole to go underneath it !

The shirt I made from a sheer embroidered curtain. It is displayed on my blue/black dress form. 

The old thread (beautiful thread on wooden spools) CANNOT be used for sewing.  I found some in a sewing box that a friend gave to me.  I googled the thread and it dated back to 1940s high quality thread, but when I tried the tug test (putting some pressure on it with my hands), it snapped ASAP.  Oh well, maybe someone can recommend a display or something where I can use this vintage thread.

Etsy Shop is NOW CLOSED.  Etsy has changed their business model & banning the Confederate battle flag.  As our business revolves around Civil War re-enactors, our choice is not to be on Etsy then.

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