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Friday, July 24, 2015

Starting Your Avon Business with the "Right" Attitude

Do You have the "Right" Attitude?

Good or Bad
Little = BIG

Ok you have paid your $15 (for your basic Avon starter kit) or your $100 (for your deluxe Avon starter kit).  You have opened your Avon E-store.  You have sent out emails to all your family and friends that you are selling Avon.  You have sold a few head to toe collections (which only can be sold by new Avon representatives in their first campaign), but you aren't getting the tons of orders that someone has told you that you would do.

So now what is your response?  You quit.  You did not have that much time or money invested anyway, so it's on to the next thing.  But, wait a minute.  Didn't you start this business with a dream or a goal?  Well you won't achieve that dream or goal if you quit.

If You Quit During the Journey
Double Rainbow at the Anchorage AK Airport

But what if you discovered that you absolutely loathe trying to get people to buy from you?  Well, that's different.  If you find that selling is not for you, then you shouldn't stay with it.  But if you like selling, but you are discovering that it is harder than you thought, well then that's when you shouldn't give up.

Starting a business takes a lot of time and investment of resources.  Even if you are starting your beautiful business on a budget, it will still be some time before you will start seeing a big return on your investment.  Very few people fall into selling enough Avon their first campaign so they can achieve President's Club (PC) -- (someone actually did this by selling Bug Guard to a sports team).

So when you start, work with your upline to develop small, realistic goals.  Then as you achieve those small goals, work on bigger goals.   That way you are feeling as if you have accomplished things and that will help to keep you encouraged along the way.  However, you should also have decided at least one big goal at the beginning of your business -- perhaps the "why" as to the reason you started your Avon business.  Whether that is having enough money for a down payment on a house or a running car or having enough money to take the kids to McDonalds -- that is up to you.

But remember that although your goal might be to make money, it is not the reason why most of your clients will buy from you.  Your family or friends may buy from you because they know you need the money, however unless you have an extremely large family and friends network, you will have to eventually sell to "strangers".  And "strangers" will want to know how it is beneficial to them to buy from you.  So that means you have to be interested in people, listen to them when they tell you their issues, have good advice for them on the products that would be best for them.  Basically, learning about the products and how they can help your individual clients.  It is NOT all about you.  That is the attitude you have to have to start building a successful business.

It will take an investment in both your time and money.  And you have to have the right attitude.  Without these things, your beautiful business will be nothing than just a dream.

Cindy Peterson aka Gato
Anew Skin Care Expert
Avon Independent Sales Representative


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