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Friday, May 22, 2015

#13 on GOOGLE & A Limited Time Discount

Today I did a search for Anew skin specialist & Four Aces Mercantile's blog about the temporary Facebook group I created for Anew Skin Care Specialists came up #13 on a Google search of 1.8 million entries!  Wow !

I am definitely glad that I have enrolled in Avon's Anew Skin Care Expert class in Atlanta!

So for those of my customers (or new customers) who would like a FREE skin care consultation with me AND a 20% discount on their Anew Skin Care purchases (in addition to any sales that Avon has currently), please text me or PM me on Facebook (, or email me at, or call me at 256-931-4435.  This offer is good thru June 9, 2015 (the date of my class).

You deserve it !

Cindy aka Gato

Anew Skin Care Specialist
Independent Avon Sales Representative

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